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HerdMASTER 5 Announcement

ABRI are pleased to announce that we will be continuing to offer the HerdMASTER product, starting with an increased investment and plan for HerdMASTER 5.

HerdMASTER 5 will be focused on fixing the core issues of HerdMASTER 4. Customers can expect:

  • A re-architected and updated central sync
  • Significant updates to underlying code and databases, allowing it to run on modern computers
  • slightly refreshed user interface

Importantly, we will not be changing any functionality or features with the HerdMASTER 5 release.

We are aiming to deliver HerdMASTER 5 in Q1 2024 (February – March)

The Future

HerdMASTER 5 is only a fix – we must also think of improvements. Once released we will immediately begin planning for a next version that will address long term problems with on farm software.

  • Seamless mobile and tablet applications
  • Connectivity with on farm devices
  • Integration with breed registry, BREEDPLAN and other services.

We will be working with our current and past HerdMASTER users to understand how we can make HerdMASTER the leader in livestock management software.

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