Dairy Express

Dairy herd recording service

Dairy Express is a leading supplier of herd testing and herd management information services to the Australian dairy industry, in conjunction with DataGene industry software. Dairy Express manage the majority of dairy cattle herds in New South Wales and Queensland and are the largest supplier to the dairy goat industry across all Australian states.

Specialising in high quality data processing, Dairy Express have special expertise in milk sample transport over long distances, without sample degradation. The team have also provided a wide range of additional services, including joint ventures with industry groups to assist with tasks, from data processing to farm advice.

The data processed through Dairy Express can be accessed and analysed via HerdPlatform the industry funded web-based program. To access and log in you can follow the link from the Dairy Express website or go directly to DataVat and once you have signed up you can log in directly. 

To learn more about Dairy Express visit the website or contact us below.