Dairy Express Exploring New Services

Dairy Express is exploring offering testing for Staphylococcus aureus, Australia’s most common sub-clinical mastitis pathogen. The proposed test has a 98% accuracy and is substantially cheaper than the traditional testing methods. The proposed testing benefits are as follows:

  • Detection of non-shedding animals resulting in significant financial gain
  • Receiving financial incentives offered by processors
  • Identification of animals to target with specific dry cow treatments
  • Higher milk production
  • Reduced use of antibiotics

Once the animals are identified, management strategies can be implemented to minimise spread, resulting in better products with a longer shelf life for the consumer.

The Next Steps

  • Herds / animals will be selected for trial based on SCC results and geographic location
  • Milk samples will come from the samples that you currently send in for herd recording.
  • At this stage we will require samples that are between 25-30ml only
  • To discover the likely economic impact Staphylococcus aureus will have on you hers, please click the link below
  • https://www.korudiagnostics.com/farmers-and-vets/how-much-is-subclinical-mastitis-costing-your-farm/
  • We will notify vets / consultants that the test is available once we have moved out of the trial that will be commencing in January 2024.

To find out more please contact the Fiona Brierley, Dairy Express Manager dxmanager@abri.une.edu.au https://dairyexpress.une.edu.au/

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