New Days to Calving Excel Templates Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of four new Microsoft Excel templates that can be used to submit Days to Calving (DTC) information to BREEDPLAN. It is expected that these templates will assist beef producers in the submission of DTC information to BREEDPLAN. For more details on how to record DTC information, please see the Recording Days to Calving Information tip sheet.

The four new templates are:

1. Submitting DTC Information – Natural & AI Joinings

2. Submitting DTC Information – DTC Disposal Codes

3. Submitting DTC Information – Preg Test Results

4. Submitting DTC Information – ET Programs

All templates can be downloaded via the Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website. Short videos have also been developed for each template, and provide instructions on how to fill out each template.

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