Dramatic Growth in the use of BREEDPLAN EBV’s

FIFTY nine percent of Australian commercial cattle producers are now using BREEDPLAN EBVs in genetics decision-making, according to results from Meat & Livestock Australia’s latest Genetics Insight Survey.

A key outcome of the survey conducted by consultants Rob Sloane and Laura Walker (on behalf of MLA) was the dramatic growth in the use of BREEDPLAN EBV’s by commercial beef producers growing from 18% in 2016 to 59% in 2023. The stud sector also increased its use of genetic tools growing from 32% in 2016 to 56% this year.

Cattle producers tracked many measurements of genetic gains with the top three being fertility, temperament and calving ease, regardless of seedstock or commercial system.

Regardless of production type, cattle producers said that the best feature about BREEDPLAN is that it aids selection/decision making. Over the next ten years, the great majority of both seedstock and commercial producers consider reproduction/fertility to be the most important factor for their business, followed by cost of production/efficiency.

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