Colby Funnell

ABRI Welcomes Colby Funnell as the Chief Technical Officer

In 2023, Colby joined ABRI as the inaugural Chief Technical Officer, leveraging his extensive professional experience spanning various roles, from Senior Systems Engineer at Emerging Systems to Head of Engineering at Atlassian. With a diverse skill set, Colby excels in team leadership, delivering intricate programs and solutions, and designing innovative technology systems. His responsibilities encompassed overseeing large-scale infrastructure projects, managing stakeholders, allocating budgets, and playing a crucial role in team building through recruitment and fostering high-performance and motivated teams. 

Colby embarked on his career as a Senior Systems Engineer at Emerging Systems, where he successfully designed and implemented systems for over 30 distinct companies, ranging from small office networks to universities and large-scale enterprises. He later progressed to the position of Senior Systems Engineer for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. However, his most significant role prior to joining ABRI was as the Head of Engineering at Atlassian, where he showcased his expertise leading the Observability teams to deliver global scale real time insights across Australia, America and India.  

Excited about his new endeavour at ABRI, Colby eagerly brings his honed skills and expertise that were refined in a fast-paced chaotic cloud environment to a company dedicated to improving the lives of everyday Australians. 

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