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Introducing ABRI Extension Services

The Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) is pleased to introduce ABRI Extension Services.

The newly formed ABRI Extension Services provides technical support and extension initiatives supporting the use and understanding of BREEDPLAN® and related genetic technologies.

ABRI Managing Director Hugh Nivison says “I would encourage breeders and breed society staff to engage with the ABRI Extension Services team to ensure they are making optimal use of the BREEDPLAN system and associated technologies”.

The ABRI Extension Services team offers a range of extension initiatives, including BREEDPLAN workshops and herd consultations. The team are specialised in presenting on a range of beef breeding and genetics related topics, and are available for events facilitated by breed societies, industry organisations and individual producers.

“ABRI’s Extension team will continue to provide high-level technical support to breed societies and to breeding groups in Australia and overseas” says Steven Skinner, ABRI Manager International Beef Recording Scheme.

“They will concentrate on providing client organisations and their members with structured, consistent education and technical support for BREEDPLAN and related technologies and will maintain a strong international presence.”

Meet the ABRI Extension Services Team

Many in the beef industry will be familiar with the ABRI Extension Services team members from their roles in the former Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS) and Tropical Beef Technology Services (TBTS) projects:

Catriona Millen is based in Armidale, New South Wales and has been with ABRI since January 2015. She has a Bachelor of Science from Monash University and a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) from the University of Melbourne. Catriona has previously worked as a genetics demonstrator for the ‘Get Into Genes’ program at La Trobe University.Catriona can be contacted on (02) 6773 3357 or via email catriona.millen@abri.une.edu.au
Paul Williams is based in Rockhampton, Queensland, and has been with ABRI since February 2012. Paul was raised on a dairy/beef property in South East Queensland, where he worked for four years after finishing his studies at Queensland Agricultural College. Paul has also previously worked as a Technical Officer at CSIRO for 22 years. During his time in CSIRO, Paul was involved in a number of Beef CRC I, II and III research projects.Paul can be contacted on 0427 018 982 or via email paul.williams@abri.une.edu.au
Boyd Gudex is based in Armidale, NSW and has been with ABRI since May 2017. Boyd was raised on a sheep and beef farm in New Zealand. He has extensive applied livestock experience having worked for breeding programs in multiple species. Boyd also received his PhD in Animal Breeding from the University of New England in 2011. He is also currently employed as a BREEDPLAN Technical Consultant, where he has experience with BREEDPLAN analysis, BreedObject and MateSel.Boyd can be contacted on (02) 6773 1711 or via email boyd.gudex@abri.une.edu.au

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