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BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance Report

The Completeness of Performance herd rating system assesses the quantity of pedigree and performance information that has been submitted to BREEDPLAN by an individual seedstock herd.

The Completeness of Performance star rating provides both seedstock and commercial producers with an assessment of how much performance has been submitted to BREEDPLAN by a herd. The star rating is an average of annual herd ratings over a five-year period. This five-year period is updated every year after the July BREEDPLAN evaluation.

The Completeness of Performance herd report is designed to help breeders identify any gaps in data submission that they might not be aware of, and so enable them to fill in those gaps as much as possible. We recommend that your members are encouraged to check their Completeness of Performance reports at regular intervals.

Recently, the report has also been updated to include abattoir carcase traits. This will be useful for those breeds collecting abattoir carcase data.

The Completeness of Performance score rating system, detailed at the back of the Breed Summary report, enables breed associations to score individual traits in such a way as to promote those traits important to the breed, or encourage breeders to collect data they consider to be important now or in the future. With the recent inclusion of abattoir carcase traits it will now be possible to include carcase traits in your Completeness of Performance score ratings to encourage submission of carcase data if this is important to your breed.

If you have any questions about Completeness of Performance herd reports or star ratings contact our team.

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