An Update from the ILR Support Team

Supporting a comprehensive system like ILR2, that is so many different things to so many different breed societies, is a logistical challenge of balancing our all-important client priorities with our own.

This winter has presented additional challenges with a new Covid spike and other winter lurgies that have affected our staffing capacity as well as that of rest of the country.

Despite the challenges, the ILR Support team is a hive of activity as we aggressively strive to support and evolve the ILR systems of our existing clients and implement new systems for the increasing number of new clients.    

We have recently resurrected the ILR systems for two of our previous clients who had left for greener pastures but have now chosen to return. This speaks into the depth of ABRI’s experience in service provision and the benefits of having access to a large and experienced software support team.

In addition to the 170 odd breed society clients we support around the world, we are currently in the process of rolling out new ILR2 systems to 3 new clients in the USA and another in South Africa.

Having successfully rolled out ILROnline ‘member services’ to many of our clients, we are now in a position to begin scheduling the ILROnline ‘public services’ rollout.

Whereas ILROnline ‘member services’ allow members to enquire, add and maintain their own data in real time via secure login, ILROnline ‘public services’ allows the general public to perform real time member and animal related enquires across the society’s database.

The implementation of ILROnline ‘public services’ will mark the beginning of the consultation process that we will undertake with our clients to replace their ‘Internet Solutions’ web systems.

Other busyness involves the migration of participating clients from their on-premise ILR servers to our Azure cloud servers. This being a prerequisite for the implementation of ILROnline among the many other benefits of the cloud.

We are currently focusing our ILROnline ‘member services’ rollout in the United Kingdom with 2 clients in the final stages of system implementation and we have just begun the process for our largest UK client.    

ILR2’s DNA Module is continually being refined and is continuing to evolve as we roll it out to more and more clients and seek to meet their requirements.

We are actively looking at ways to improve our ability to respond to client requests as quickly and efficiently as possible and we look forward making significant inroads in this area over the coming months.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspects of your ILR systems please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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