ILROnline FAQs

Why are ABRI’s ILR systems focusing on standardisation?

  • software consistency – with ABRI’s 180+ breed society clients, all with largely similar requirements, standard software solutions are both logical and necessary
  • operational efficiency – standard procedures and software benefit you, ABRI, and your 3rd party service providers.  Standard data exchange protocols are highly favoured by 3rd party service providers eg. DNA laboratories, accounting systems like MYOB, on-farm PC systems, etc.
  • software support expertise – ABRI can optimise its ability to resource and support a single suite of software
  • software scrutiny – given the system is scrutinised by multiple breed society clients, system bugs will be more quickly located and all participating societies will be the beneficiaries of the corrections
  • system standard feature evolution – all participating societies will be the beneficiaries of the newly developed standard features
  • relative cost stability – the addition of new standard features are added without specific cost
  • overall cost efficiencies and minimisation

What is ILROnline?

  • ILROnline is a new service for your membership that allows them to interact, enquire, add and maintain their own data, via secure login, directly on the breed society’s database
  • ILROnline also allows public enquiry access, without login, also directly on the breed society’s database, using powerful new search tools
  • ILROnline is not a direct replacement for ILR2 or Internet Solutions, it is rather a newly engineered, modern, feature rich and evolving web based front end to the breed society’s database.
  • ILROnline is a standardised system that looks to capitalise on similarities of our client’s requirements whilst still allowing for their differences
  • ILROnline is the focus of ABRI’s new software developments.
  • Whilst ILR2 is still our foundational software product, features within ILR2 are being aggressively replaced by new features within ILROnline.

What does ILROnline do?

  • Member Services – ILROnline is designed for use by breed society members, and staff, for animal enquiry, registration, ownership transfer, trait entry, disposal and update, in real-time, directly on the breed society’s database. Members can also update their contact details, make payments to the breed society, and view their work-orders through a dedicated and secure web portal. This is the member services face of ILROnline.
  • Public Services – ABRI has also recently developed, and are in the process of rolling out, the public services face of ILROnline. Like Internet Solutions its predessor, this allows the public to access animal and member search facilities to enquire across the breed society’s database, review sale catalogues, access the mating predictor etc

What are the benefits of ILROnline?

  • ILROnline is a modern web-based product.
  • ILROnline opens up a new and transparent way for your members to interact with their data
  • ILROnline allows you to benefit from our ongoing software developments
  • ILROnline adds value to the services that you provide to your membership
  • ILROnline is a web application that can be securely accessed to perform breed society registry actions, from any sized device, from any network, without an installation on your device (unlike ILR2).
  • ILROnline is an evolving product. Whilst the fees to use it are relatively stable, additional standard functionality is being constantly added to it.
  • ILROnline contains standard features that are easier and more efficient to maintain which ultimately minimises costs.
  • ILROnline will supersede our legacy Internet Solutions system.
  • Whilst Internet Solutions operates against a subset copy of the breed society’s database, ILROnline allows direct access to the breed society’s database.
  • Whilst members can login to Internet Solutions and enter their new registrations, this ‘entry’ by them doesn’t actually get them on the breed society’s database. Rather, it just creates applications that breed society staff still have to enter into their database.  
  • ILROnline facilitates a reduced reliance on breed society staff for member support, data entry, data maintenance, reporting etc because members can do this themselves.
  • Having members largely looking after the entry and maintenance of their own data frees breed society staff to work on other things (eg. DNA which is a new big consumer of time, promotion, marketing, etc)   
  • ILROnline facilitates reduced paperwork handling as members can download society documents, such as Certificates and Invoices, themselves
  • ILROnline facilitates transparency of member’s work orders and transactions. This results in less calls to the breed society staff.
  • ILROnline’s requirement to host the breed society database, the ILR2 system, and the ILROnline application on the cloud allows ABRI to remotely support many of the breed society’s IT administration requirements compared to the society maintaining an on-premise server themselves .
  • The overall relative efficiency of the ILROnline architecture ultimately benefits us all

If you haven’t already, please review the ILROnline material available on our YouTube channel.

If you want to start your conversation about ILROnline, or have any questions, please contact Marcus O’Sullivan via the ILR Support Portal.

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