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International Evaluations

ABRI continues to develop the infrastructure for two international evaluations, one for the Hereford breed and the other for the Brahman breed.

The Hereford evaluation currently combines pedigree and performance data from Australia, NZ, the UK, Namibia, Canada, Uruguay, and Argentina. The first round of test results was presented at the World Hereford Congress in 2020. 

Given ABRI’s relationship with ICAR and Interbeef’s technical and working groups, the opportunity has now arisen for Hereford populations throughout Europe to contribute data to the International Hereford evaluation. This continues to be a priority R&D project undertaken by ABRI.

In relation to the Brahman breed, data from Australia, the USA, South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe has also been combined for an International Brahman evaluation. Discussions are currently underway as to how best to report sire and bull EBVs using ABRI’s online services.

It is encouraging to see that ABRI continues to provide products and services that have an international reach and demand. Interested to know more? Chat to our friendly team today! 

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