Computer Security

ABRI Computer Infrastructure Security

ABRI has a dedicated team to oversee the security of the computer system infrastructure to ensure the safety of our customer data, minimise hacking and strengthen our security defences. This is a multi-faceted approach that ensures we have a modernised strategy that aligns with best industry practices and technology advancements. 

Cloud Based Back-up Procedures and Security 

  • A comprehensive backup solution that incorporates “Azure Backup’ for safeguarding our computer resources. 
  • Leveraging the PostgreSQL-native tool, we routinely orchestrate comprehensive database backups, thereby ensuring the continuity and consistency of our data environment.  
  • Advanced systems and tools to establish a comprehensive monitoring framework for our cloud assets to mitigate the risk of service disruptions and facilitate prompt issue resolution.  

ABRI Security Controls to ensure Data Security 

  • Network Security Groups (NSGs) are the key component of our security strategy. 
  • NSGs are employed to restrict access to our systems, permitting only IP addresses that are recognised by our organisation. 
  • Adhere to Microsoft’s best practices for cloud systems through regular audits of our Azure tenant. 
  • Proactively identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities to ensure the ongoing and resilience of our infrastructure. 
  • We are currently evaluating Azure Sentinel as a possible Security Information and Event Management solution to enhance our threat detection and response capabilities.  

The ABRI IT Systems team, under the leadership of Praneet Castelino is committed to adopting industry best practices and leveraging cutting-edge technology to create a robust and reliable security posture.  

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