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Major Upgrade for South African Simbra BREEDPLAN

A number of significant BREEDPLAN enhancements were implemented in the February 2023 South African Simbra BREEDPLAN analysis. These enhancements include:

1. Upgrade to BREEDPLAN version 6.2

The South African Simbra evaluation will now be using the latest version of the BREEDPLAN software, which includes a number of enhancements: a greater range of traits that can be analysed, an improved method for handling different groups of “base” animals, improved modelling of days-to-calving records for tropically adapted breeds, and the capacity to include genomic data via single-step methods in the future.

2. Updated adjustment factors and genetic parameters

An updated set of adjustment factors and genetic parameters have been estimated to reflect the volume of performance data now available for the population. This includes more recently recorded traits such as days-to-calving and net feed intake. As a consequence, the parameters that were implemented in the February 2023 evaluation will better represent the population of animals with performance records.

3. Publication of a Net Feed Intake (Post Weaning) EBV

NFI-P EBV’s are estimates of genetic differences between animals in feed intake at a standard weight and rate of weight gain when animals are in a growing phase. For more information on NFI-EBVs can be found in the Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website Click Here

4. Three new Selection Indexes released

The new indexes are the:

  • Self-Replacing Feedlot Index (SRF)
  • Self- Replacing Weaner Index (SRW)
  • Self-Replacing Grassfed Index (SRG)

The three new selection indexes were developed by the Simbra Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa in conjunction with staff here at ABRI. Further information about the new selection indexes for South African Simbra is available from the Help Centre on the BREEDPLAN website Here

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