iCompete Live Results

iCompete recently scored and ran the National Campdraft Council of Australia (NCCA) team campdraft event, as part of the 2022 Nutrien Classic Program.
The participating teams were from Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association (ABCRA), Australian Campdraft Association (ACA), Gippsland Campdraft Association (GCA) and Southern Campdraft Association (SCA).
This event consisted of three rounds, where each competitor was able to do one run per round, for a total of three runs. The event was held over three consecutive days, with each round resulting in a team winner, and an individual winner. The overall winner and team were announced at the end of the final round.
Launched at this event was a new campdraft live scores system, developed by the team at ABRI, and used by ABCRA. The system is available to view on the ABCRA website. ABCRA’s executive officer, Mr Craig Young explains the advantage of using this new scoring system.
“iCompete Live Results provides in real-time event scores and rankings while an event progresses. The system is readily available to all, with competitors and the general public being able to stay up-to-date and monitor the progress of the event. Statistics also play a role in analysing the results with statistics displayed on what percentage of runs have fully completed the course to what the highest score for horsework and cutouts displayed. The competitor with the highest average score over 5 runs is also displayed.” Said Mr Young.
To take a look at the iCompete Live Results system, please click here. Or to make an enquiry about the software developed, please contact us.

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