An Update on ILROnline

2021 has been a big year for the ILR Support Team as we continue to support our existing systems, rollout out our new systems, and forge ahead with our software standardisation initiatives.

The software environment in which we work has changed significantly over recent years with exciting new software technologies and processes now available.

Our ILR Support Desk and the ILR Support Portal have been necessary and sensible initiatives to allow our team to collude to maximise our efficiency as breed society software service providers.

Our software standardisation initiatives, that are foundational in our new ILROnline product, but are also evidenced in our ‘DNA Module’ and elsewhere, also aim to maximise our software support and team resource efficiencies, and to minimise breed society costs.

Our Managing Director’s recent email to our breed society clients regarding ABRI’s new strategic direction with our ILR software products has been a catalyst for client engagement around the different ways we will provide services to them going forward.  This direction includes:

  • New feature requests, that would previously have been implemented using ILR2 and Internet Solutions, are now being implemented via our standardised ILROnline software. 
  • The ILROnline Member Services rollout is well underway with 31 breed societies, representing four species, across five countries, now signed up. 
  • The ILROnline Public Services features are currently being tested and will be progressively rolled out to clients to ultimately replace our legacy Internet Solutions system beginning next year. 
  • On-premise to cloud-server transitions are now being routinely performed as pre-requisites for the ILROnline system implementations. 
  • New DNA software feature requests are now being implemented via our standardised DNA Module software. 
  • The rollout of our DNA Module is also well underway with 40 breed societies now signed up. 

If you haven’t already, please review the ILROnline material available on our YouTube channel. Or, visit the ABRI website, where we have answered your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ILROnline. 

If you want to start your conversation about ILROnline, or have any questions, please contact Marcus O’Sullivan via the ILR Support Portal.

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