An Update on ILROnline

The ILR Support Team has been busy since their last update!
They have been supporting ILR2, transitioning more clients to the cloud, rolling out and adding yet more functionality to ILROnline, as well as rolling out our standardised DNA Module software.
They have also scheduled multiple new orders for ILROnline which will take them to 29 systems from 4 species across 5 countries by the end of the year!
New Functionality in ILROnline:
Associations subscribe to the standardised ILROnline system which is then configured and rolled out for that association.

Whilst the costs to your association remain relatively constant, the system itself is continually being developed and improved.

This means that you benefit from an evolving and constantly improving system without having to specifically pay for the new features.
The team are currently in the process of rolling out the following new ILROnline features:

  • ILROnline ‘Public Services’ – Designed to replace Internet Solutions with a configurable and superior web enquiry system for Animal and Member searching, Sale Catalogues and Mating Predictor.
  • DNA Laboratory Requests – Allowing members to order tests from genomic laboratories. Integrates seamlessly with the ILR2 DNA Module software.
  • Bulk Disposal processing – Allowing members to lookup multiple owned-animals and then update their Animal Status in bulk for easy inventory management.

  And don’t forget these important facts:

  • ILROnline will be scheduled and implemented for our breed association clients on a first-in, first-served, basis.
  • An essential prerequisite for ILROnline will be that your ILR2 systems have been transitioned to ABRI’s cloud server.
  • We will be concentrating on delivering all new ILR breed registry feature requests within ILROnline.
  • We will be concentrating on delivering all new DNA feature requests within the DNA Module software.
  • We will be progressively standardising our ILR software to maximise software development and support efficiencies, and to minimise breed association costs.
  • Our highly successful Internet Solutions web system will be progressively superseded by ILROnline’s superior functionality.

And don’t forget these available standard ILR software solutions:

  • ILROnline – ILROnline is designed to be a standardised suite of software. It will deliver a greater depth of functionality and services for the breed associations members and will be inclusive of an extensive set of association configurable parameters.
  • DNA Module – there is a consistency among all our breed association clients regarding their DNA requirements. Our ILR ‘DNA Module’ software recognises this consistency and provides a single suite of standard software to meet all DNA requirements.
  • ILR Transaction Extracts – we now have standard software that extracts debtor transactions from our ILR systems to our breed association client’s preferred accounting software package (eg. MYOB, Xero).

If you haven’t already, please review the ILROnline material available on our YouTube channel.

If you want to start your conversation about ILROnline, or have any questions, please contact the ILR Support Team.

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