ABRI & CSIRO Develop Next Gen LIP

The Livestock Information Platform (LIP) is a secure cloud-based tool that enables the rapid development of information systems to store and analyse animal production, breeding, health, and welfare data.

LIP was created to address an industry-wide issue, for many primary producers who gather phenotype and productivity information on-farm. Producers collate this data with on farm software systems, to produce reports and make decisions about farm management accordingly. However, productivity performance is also affected by other factors that are not readily captured in a form that is able to provide additional value for the producer, such as weather information, and carcase feedback.

The solution? ABRI, together with the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), have designed and built an internet “cloud” based system that supports a data storage and analysis system optimised for the needs of the livestock industry.

Data can be uploaded, downloaded, and analysed using the applications that we provide, or third-party developers can develop their own applications, accessing the system via the LIP Gateway. Raw data can be efficiently processed within the platform itself.

The positive economic impact of LIP includes a significant shift in the way systems can be developed to address data collection, storage, and analysis of farm, corporate or industry data. As new applications are developed, LIP’s capabilities will also continue to grow.

If you’re interested, please get in touch to learn more about the tool and how it could sit behind your next data management project.

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